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25.06.2019 08:51:41

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25.06.2019 08:51:41

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No compromise in quality
and performance

For over 50 years, the name WIKUS has stood for maximum precision, quality and performance. The high-tech band saw manufacturers from Spangenberg in Hesse have made a name for themselves globally through these values.

Twelve company guidelines record the values and the company culture of the medium-sized, family-run company, and their content speaks for itself and for WIKUS.

Guideline 1:
We are aware of the importance of customer satisfaction: the technology and quality of our products and the quality of our services are decisive for our success.

Guideline 2:
We quickly grasp the requirements of our customers and implement them continuously in marketable, profitable products and services within our competence range.

Guideline 3:
We support our business partners in a target-orientated, friendly and fair manner.

Guideline 4:
We make decisions for the benefit of the company.

Guideline 5:
We treat each other fairly, with respect and with mutual deference. We place particular value on the satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

Guideline 6:
We are quality-conscious, qualified and value-orientated.

Guideline 7:
We strive for optimisation and continuous improvement.

Guideline 8:
We promote the expert and personal development of our employees.

Guideline 9:
We act and manage in a team and process-orientated manner. We delegate and assume responsibility.

Guideline 10:
We provide mutual notification and practice open and personal communications.

Guideline 11:
We protect our environment and our resources sustainably. We are aware of our social responsibilities.

Guideline 12:
We adhere to legal regulations.