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WIKUS Saw Technology, Corp. was founded in Chicago with it's branch in Los Angeles back in 1999. WIKUS has been manufacturing band saw blades to meet our customers highest demands for quality and consistent performance in their cutting applications for 55+ years. Being a leader in the development of High Performance band saw blades, WIKUS' ongoing research and development enable us to work closely with our customers, providing them the latest developments in order to obtain lower costs per cut.

We invite you to test our product, let us demonstrate our performance, compare the results and help you in reducing your cut times and consumption of band saw blades.

WIKUS band saw blades - Precision at the cutting point

WIKUS was founded by Wilhelm Hubert Kullmann in a former horse stable in Spangenberg, Germany in 1958. WIKUS now enjoys a global reputation for maximum precision, quality and service in the field of band saw blades. These are the values that have earned this family company from the town of Spangenberg in Hessen its name: Today, WIKUS is a world leader for cutting metal and is Europe’s largest band saw blade manufacturer.

Together with its 750-strong workforce, WIKUS sets technological trends and promotes the development of high-tech band saw blades. Users from a number of sectors rely on the long-standing experience and expertise of the band saw blade manufacturer. Customers profit from the extensive band saw blade solutions, whose ‘Made in Germany’ production quality is certified according to the latest industrial quality norms.


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