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Aerospace and Defense

In the aerospace and defense sectors, precision, reliability, and performance are paramount. From the manufacturing of critical aircraft components to defense equipment, companies in this industry face stringent regulatory requirements and demanding operational environments


From global manufacturers through to medium-sized suppliers - manufacturing sectors in the automotive, aviation/aerospace and shipping industry face special challenges.

Steel production

Across the world, steel is produced in state-of-the-art production blast furnaces. Steelworks focus on the cost-efficient manufacture and supply of steel for further finishing and mechanical processing for sales.

Steel construction and profile processing

Steel and other metals are processed by industrial and trade companies in a wide variety of application fields.

Energy & recycling

The growing importance of climate protection in the face of the finiteness of fossil and nuclear resources is leading to a gradual shift from the conventional supply of nuclear and coal power energy, toward renewable sources such as wind or solar power.

The construction of machines, plant, tools and moulds

The segment focuses on the production of individual goods, small series or systems comprising several machines in the plant construction field. It is is strongly influenced by the medium-sized business segment and has a high degree of vertical integration.

Non-ferrous metals

Within the metal industry, the production, processing and trade of non-ferrous metals or alloys and semi-finished products made of non-ferrous metals play a special role and parameters, such as efficiency and high cutting output, are decisive for success.

Construction, chemicals & other

Be it the construction industry, chemical groups or manufacturers of innovative semi-conductors – suppliers in this segment are under enormous competitive pressure and set exacting standards with respect to cost efficiency and a maintaining a high level of flexibility.

Agricultural Technology

The global agricultural market is heavily impacted by economic and seasonal developments, which means that manufacturing companies need to react quickly and efficiently to market developments.

Success stories

Aerometals & Alloys - cuts band saw blades by half

Thanks to the high-quality products and extensive service by WIKUS, the French cutting manufacturer and distributor of titanium alloys, Aerometals & Alloys, has been able to increase the productivity of its sawing processes by 50 % to 70 %.

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